A little about me…

Well first of all let me tell you that I am not much of a good writer. i just write to pour out my heart. Hoping that it will touch my reader’s heart. The only reason behind me starting this blog is I want to share my ideas and thoughts with everyone. Moreover I am addicted to writing notes so thought to start a blog and share my thoughts, rather exchange my thoughts with lots of people here. At first I was vacillating¬†a bit but then took out some time out of busy schedule and I cant believe I am even writing haha!!!

So yeah if I talk about me I love to read books, can read anything and everything but choosy when it comes to bedtime reading. I read spiritual and inspiring most of the times. Love to travel and see new places, I love to feel those places especially if its monument. I personally believe that every place has a story to tell, so I always try to listen to that story rather I try to “feel” that story. Sometimes I can and sometimes I cant. But well I keep on trying… By touching those places I try to stir my sub-conscious mind, try to feel it through my soul which may be a thousand years old or may be more than that. Nope not less than that because I have this feeling that I have a really old soul which may be thousands of years old!! Hehe may be its funny but well that’s my belief!!

Well seems this is enough about me for me isn’t it? More will come to know as i write… Isn’t there some saying that one can know a person from his reading and from what he writes.

So this is it from me for now and blessings from me..IMG_20121212_19063