Bidding a warm good bye to passing year and welcoming new year with new hopes!!



I wont say the year just passed by and I didn’t came to know!! No it isn’t the case. I felt it, passing, every day, every min, every second…

As I try to review this year, I remember the big announcement I made about me being a Tarot Card reader and making it official!! Yeah big deal, I worked for it for a year and then made it official. So it was kinda huge thing for me. Then again moving forward I remember a few things that would touch my heart and might even manage to make me gloomy. Actually when the year started I was in a huge mess, about lots of things.  Confusion about career, life and a lot more, but I never gave up on myself. May be that’s the only thing that kept me going, endless faith in myself. Somewhere down the line I knew I will make everything all right and things will fall into its place. May be this confidence made everything perfect eventually. In the beginning I was unsure of every single thing except one thing, that things will be fine gradually.

So if I move ahead I can recollect my graduation getting over and the confusion that comes after graduation. What next!!! Marriage was never an option for me but well had a few career options and believe me every option appeared baiting at that time. Still remember that dilemma and the tussle for the admission of my post-graduation course. A few confusions during admissions made my life hell, but well it didn’t broke me either. In-between all this how can I forget my own emotional status, which was really eccentric at that time.  But still never losing the patience was the only key. And guess what, I never lost patience, except a few times!! And finally securing the admission in a huge university was also a big deal!!  Then started the tussle of living alone and fighting every single day for everything, and the realization that what a family is. Well that really pushed me to the edge, and I was about to lose everything. But thanks to a few friends, who managed to keep me sane in those horrible moments too.

Finally that time of year when I started enjoying my solitude and my life. How can I forget that moment when I enjoyed the solitude, when I came to know the difference between being lonely and being alone, a very splendid moment I must add!! And then started the enjoyment phase where I enjoyed the new college, people, environment and the new atmosphere. The fear of unknown was gone and it was replaced by the thrill to do something new.

So this is what I can sum up about my past year, a bit of surprise, a bit of pain, bit of happiness and probably a bit of everything. I started valuing my life a bit more and got a confidence that I am capable of making my own decisions.  Learnt how to take part in my own life and not let others lead it the way they want. A lot of things changed, rather bettered this year!! And well not to forget my first birthday ever that was without my family and yet it was awesome 🙂 So what I can conclude is that patience and endless faith can work a lot of miracles.  Not to add a few good friends can do the same 🙂

So on this note I want to bid this year a warm goodbye and welcome New Year with lot of enthusiasm and hopes, and a promise of learning, living and celebrating each and every moment.

So wish you all a very happy new year 🙂



I ain’t weak, just strong enough to let it go… But not anymore!!!

I ain't weak, just strong enough to let it go... But not anymore!!!

The more you surrender the more they dominate…
If you choose to keep your mouth shut you are “guilty”..
If you choose to sacrifice they simply win…
What is your weakness becomes their strength..
The more you bend the more they will try to bend you..
Your pain is their gain..
If you choose to surrender, they will dominate..
Take a stand, the world isn’t going to let you live your life in your way if you aren’t strong to take a stand!!!

Life and Expectations



Hello everyone!! After a bit of pause here comes an article that I was waiting for!! Something that I was intending to share since long but couldn’t put it in words till now. Hope this makes a difference in your life!!

Sometimes life seems really good and the very second it can prove you wrong. Well what they say about life seems true at some point that life’s a bitch. The problem is we define life in our terms while there isn’t a need to define it. Life is life, it is whole and sole, it doesn’t have any definition but we human beings have this tendency of defining anything and everything. So we define it and then it becomes good if it goes according to our definition and it becomes bad if something comes up that is totally unexpected. But well didn’t we forget that life is always unexpected???

We define it and start troubles for our own self. So there is a need to change that thing in us, we need to understand that life is like this only. It isn’t something that we can define, or that which can go on as we expect. It is something that is undefined and totally unexpected, so only its called life.

Have you ever thought that if life would have been as we expected then it would have been really boring. Then we would be complaining that life is boring and it’s totally expected. Our basic nature of complaining about things is the main cause of everything that goes wrong in our life.

I learnt at very tender age that complaining or moaning about things can never lead us anywhere. It will only leave you hurt and miserable. And you will be more hurt when you will learn that it doesn’t make even an ounce of difference in anyone’s life when you’re hurt. Everyone seems to be going fine with their life without caring about you. Even your parents and siblings, their life would be same. The one who’s in limbo is you whilst everyone’s life seems to be going just fine. It’s the tragedy or beauty of the life. Depends how you prefer to look at it. Tragedy if you feel that you are in limbo and everyone is just going the way they are and beauty if you choose to see from the different perspective. If anybody else would have been hurt then will it make any difference in your life? Just ask this question to yourself and reply it honestly to yourself.

Well let me tell you that it doesn’t make much difference to you. Even if you are really caring and sensitive person then also it would make a bit of difference for a while then you will prefer to go on with your life.

None of us get that luxury of getting pampered all the time. We are in such a world where no one cares about others. The sooner you learn this the better it will be for you and for the world. But that doesn’t mean that the world is mean, no its not, world is caring and helpful too. But not when you expect it to be. Here we come again to expectations. So don’t expect anything, expectations from others will always hurt you. You should always learn to expect things from your own self. If you yourself cant fulfill your expectations then how can you expect others to fulfill it for you? This thing plays vital part in our life, expectations. Learn to expect from yourself rather than others.


Will see you soon.. Till then be happy and stay blessed!!
Blessed Be 

Where is that place….?!!!

Where is that place....?!!!

Where is that place…
Where I don’t have to put on the mask of happiness,
Where I don’t have to fight with my own self,
Where I don’t crave for something unknown,
Where I don’t weep alone in a corner,
Where dreams meet the reality,
Where desires are less and satisfaction is more,
Where love is the most important emotion,
Where compassion is endless…
Does that place exist or it’s just one of my dream that isn’t bound to meet reality!!!

I wonder…!!!

I wonder...!!!

I always advice people that expectations hurt so we just need to stop expecting from others. One should expect from his own self rather than others.
But well even I cant free myself of expectations. How so ever much I try, I end up expecting things and then getting hurt or disappointed!!
Is it too tough to get rid of it?!! I wonder sometimes…
But well tomorrow is a new day, hope I can free myself of it!!

Pursuit To Happyness


Helllooo fellas 🙂
Its festival time out there isnt it? So I thought to write about something which we get during festivals… Happiness!! Most of the times we are happy during festivals and holidays.. So thought to write something on the same, hope will get some views from you all too!!

I was watching the movie called Pursuit to Happyness, not to mention AGAIN. A nice movie I must say. After watching it I felt like writing something on the same. We all run after happiness every day, every moment in life but still most of us fail to find it, and we don’t even know why we didn’t found it till last breath. I personally feel that happiness doesn’t lie in some specific thing, that if you get that thing you get happiness. That’s not true; happiness doesn’t lie in something or anything.

Happiness lies in every moment, it’s there in everything. The problem is we “try” to search it. We don’t realize that we are already happy. Because we “define” happiness in our own terms, we make it impossible for our own selves to achieve it. But in reality happiness doesn’t have any specific condition. You can be happy if you live in the present moment. If you are worried about past and afraid of future than it’s difficult to find happiness. Live in this moment, live it the best and see what it brings you. If you are happy right now then you do your work efficiently and hence you don’t have to be afraid of future. And if you live in present than your past doesn’t have a hold of you and so you are free from past too. What you need to do is “live”. Most of us have forgotten to live, we just exist because we are given life. We never cherish anything, we just regret everything and so we lose what we seek… happiness.

So instead of existing, start living and you will find happiness in every single moment. Never regret about past because its gone now and its history. What you can do is learn from your mistakes and let it go, so you don’t repeat the same mistake and you can live in present.

So this is how we need to live our lives so we can be what we call “happy” 🙂

Goodbye for now… Will see you soon enough… Till then stay happy and stay blessed!!

A few things we need to ask our own selves!!

Hola!! This all things came into my mind out of no where… I was just analyzing people and it occurred to me that we are all just badly injured and need to be fixed as soon as possible. So thought to share this few things with you all.

I wonder what loyalty means to everyone, may be if someone is with you and never cheats on you or may be someone never does back stabbing or something or may be the definition changes from person to person.

Since childhood I have been taught that mistakes happen, we all are human beings and we all make mistakes. What is more important is we need to learn from all those mistakes. Well on the contrary the world runs on different principles, if by any means you have done mistake it is counted as treachery, it is counted as something sinful. But I don’t understand why!!! A person should always be given a second chance but we are so paranoid that we believe if the person has committed the mistake once then he will continue to do so again and again. We are so pessimistic that we even fail to give them a single chance. We just start believing that the person is not trustworthy because we are scared to give them a chance. Now even if that person is being loyal he will never be trusted again, because “the trust once broken can not be mended” isn’t it?

What we fail to understand is that this world need love, trust, faith, compassion… Instead we are giving distrust, negativity and hatred. And still we are all expecting that the people around us will be faithful to us. We are passing on negatives vibes, we are not even ready to trust anyone but still we want people that can be trusted, We don’t want to give a chance but still we want people who can be trusted and who will be with us through our thick and thins.

What has happened to this world lately? What has happened to people? What has happened to our basic nature!! The basic nature of any human being is to love but seems like we are forgetting it and getting disconnected from our own selves. We expect so many things from others but do you remember that when you expected something from your own self? Well answer that question to your own self!!

I agree we all have a darker side but now we are just left with the shadow side and that brighter side is just lost somewhere. And the most ironic part is we don’t even know that our brighter side is just lost. We need to scrutinize our own self or to be precise we need to scrutinize our own souls. We have been missing our basic things… The world is taking on an evil side and most of us are just complaining about it while that devil resides in our own hearts!! Can we pledge loyalty to our own self and become “humans” again?

I will sign off from here now but well do ask a few questions to yourself tonight before you go to bed. This is it from me for now folks will see you soon!! Till then stay blessed and stay connected to your OWN self!!

Blessed BeImage

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