A few things we need to ask our own selves!!

Hola!! This all things came into my mind out of no where… I was just analyzing people and it occurred to me that we are all just badly injured and need to be fixed as soon as possible. So thought to share this few things with you all.

I wonder what loyalty means to everyone, may be if someone is with you and never cheats on you or may be someone never does back stabbing or something or may be the definition changes from person to person.

Since childhood I have been taught that mistakes happen, we all are human beings and we all make mistakes. What is more important is we need to learn from all those mistakes. Well on the contrary the world runs on different principles, if by any means you have done mistake it is counted as treachery, it is counted as something sinful. But I don’t understand why!!! A person should always be given a second chance but we are so paranoid that we believe if the person has committed the mistake once then he will continue to do so again and again. We are so pessimistic that we even fail to give them a single chance. We just start believing that the person is not trustworthy because we are scared to give them a chance. Now even if that person is being loyal he will never be trusted again, because “the trust once broken can not be mended” isn’t it?

What we fail to understand is that this world need love, trust, faith, compassion… Instead we are giving distrust, negativity and hatred. And still we are all expecting that the people around us will be faithful to us. We are passing on negatives vibes, we are not even ready to trust anyone but still we want people that can be trusted, We don’t want to give a chance but still we want people who can be trusted and who will be with us through our thick and thins.

What has happened to this world lately? What has happened to people? What has happened to our basic nature!! The basic nature of any human being is to love but seems like we are forgetting it and getting disconnected from our own selves. We expect so many things from others but do you remember that when you expected something from your own self? Well answer that question to your own self!!

I agree we all have a darker side but now we are just left with the shadow side and that brighter side is just lost somewhere. And the most ironic part is we don’t even know that our brighter side is just lost. We need to scrutinize our own self or to be precise we need to scrutinize our own souls. We have been missing our basic things… The world is taking on an evil side and most of us are just complaining about it while that devil resides in our own hearts!! Can we pledge loyalty to our own self and become “humans” again?

I will sign off from here now but well do ask a few questions to yourself tonight before you go to bed. This is it from me for now folks will see you soon!! Till then stay blessed and stay connected to your OWN self!!

Blessed BeImage


4 thoughts on “A few things we need to ask our own selves!!

  1. parth7667 says:

    Well that defines a lot about Loyalty which is never given any concern. Loyalty towards own-self. Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this and letting us in on this subject.
    Blessed be. )o(


  2. parth7667 says:

    Looking forward to hear more from you. Keep up the good work. 🙂


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