Pursuit To Happyness


Helllooo fellas 🙂
Its festival time out there isnt it? So I thought to write about something which we get during festivals… Happiness!! Most of the times we are happy during festivals and holidays.. So thought to write something on the same, hope will get some views from you all too!!

I was watching the movie called Pursuit to Happyness, not to mention AGAIN. A nice movie I must say. After watching it I felt like writing something on the same. We all run after happiness every day, every moment in life but still most of us fail to find it, and we don’t even know why we didn’t found it till last breath. I personally feel that happiness doesn’t lie in some specific thing, that if you get that thing you get happiness. That’s not true; happiness doesn’t lie in something or anything.

Happiness lies in every moment, it’s there in everything. The problem is we “try” to search it. We don’t realize that we are already happy. Because we “define” happiness in our own terms, we make it impossible for our own selves to achieve it. But in reality happiness doesn’t have any specific condition. You can be happy if you live in the present moment. If you are worried about past and afraid of future than it’s difficult to find happiness. Live in this moment, live it the best and see what it brings you. If you are happy right now then you do your work efficiently and hence you don’t have to be afraid of future. And if you live in present than your past doesn’t have a hold of you and so you are free from past too. What you need to do is “live”. Most of us have forgotten to live, we just exist because we are given life. We never cherish anything, we just regret everything and so we lose what we seek… happiness.

So instead of existing, start living and you will find happiness in every single moment. Never regret about past because its gone now and its history. What you can do is learn from your mistakes and let it go, so you don’t repeat the same mistake and you can live in present.

So this is how we need to live our lives so we can be what we call “happy” 🙂

Goodbye for now… Will see you soon enough… Till then stay happy and stay blessed!!


5 thoughts on “Pursuit To Happyness

  1. parth7667 says:

    It’s one of those perspective which most people fail to see. Being in the moment helps like nothing else. “happiness doesn’t lie in something or anything.” Very well said I must say. 🙂


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  3. A Stranger says:



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