I wonder…!!!

I wonder...!!!

I always advice people that expectations hurt so we just need to stop expecting from others. One should expect from his own self rather than others.
But well even I cant free myself of expectations. How so ever much I try, I end up expecting things and then getting hurt or disappointed!!
Is it too tough to get rid of it?!! I wonder sometimes…
But well tomorrow is a new day, hope I can free myself of it!!


3 thoughts on “I wonder…!!!

  1. parth7667 says:

    So very true. It has always been one of the things which brings down a lot of relations, ending up hurting own self. And sure we cannot stop it happening because its simply human. Still avoiding it is best option as you think and suggested.


  2. kruti43kapdi says:

    Yeah thats true Parth!!


  3. Stranger says:

    Wel expectations doesn’t always hurt, it only hurts when u expect from people for whom u hvn’t done much! besides this there may be other side of story which u may not know…..
    but i think coz of any bad experience i dnt think u shuld stop expecting…..coz its nt our fault tht we expected it’s others who didn’t realize our value! So if u stop expecting u’ll may miss someone who can be there for u wen u need !

    U shuldn’t punish urself or someone else in ur lyf nw for mistake of person from past !


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