Where is that place….?!!!

Where is that place....?!!!

Where is that place…
Where I don’t have to put on the mask of happiness,
Where I don’t have to fight with my own self,
Where I don’t crave for something unknown,
Where I don’t weep alone in a corner,
Where dreams meet the reality,
Where desires are less and satisfaction is more,
Where love is the most important emotion,
Where compassion is endless…
Does that place exist or it’s just one of my dream that isn’t bound to meet reality!!!


4 thoughts on “Where is that place….?!!!

  1. parth7667 says:

    That’s some dreamy place I’m afraid. Need to attain peace with everything that is around us.
    Btw nicely said. Very accurate choice of words.


  2. Dionyel Windsong says:

    that place is not far from us. it is something we choose not to see because we are taught not to and to be afraid of it. we just need to wake up for this nightmare we call reality.


  3. Stranger says:

    I’m looking forward 4 tht place also! but i knw where is it! Just dnt hv the way to reach there u knw……may b I will never find d way…


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