Life and Expectations



Hello everyone!! After a bit of pause here comes an article that I was waiting for!! Something that I was intending to share since long but couldn’t put it in words till now. Hope this makes a difference in your life!!

Sometimes life seems really good and the very second it can prove you wrong. Well what they say about life seems true at some point that life’s a bitch. The problem is we define life in our terms while there isn’t a need to define it. Life is life, it is whole and sole, it doesn’t have any definition but we human beings have this tendency of defining anything and everything. So we define it and then it becomes good if it goes according to our definition and it becomes bad if something comes up that is totally unexpected. But well didn’t we forget that life is always unexpected???

We define it and start troubles for our own self. So there is a need to change that thing in us, we need to understand that life is like this only. It isn’t something that we can define, or that which can go on as we expect. It is something that is undefined and totally unexpected, so only its called life.

Have you ever thought that if life would have been as we expected then it would have been really boring. Then we would be complaining that life is boring and it’s totally expected. Our basic nature of complaining about things is the main cause of everything that goes wrong in our life.

I learnt at very tender age that complaining or moaning about things can never lead us anywhere. It will only leave you hurt and miserable. And you will be more hurt when you will learn that it doesn’t make even an ounce of difference in anyone’s life when you’re hurt. Everyone seems to be going fine with their life without caring about you. Even your parents and siblings, their life would be same. The one who’s in limbo is you whilst everyone’s life seems to be going just fine. It’s the tragedy or beauty of the life. Depends how you prefer to look at it. Tragedy if you feel that you are in limbo and everyone is just going the way they are and beauty if you choose to see from the different perspective. If anybody else would have been hurt then will it make any difference in your life? Just ask this question to yourself and reply it honestly to yourself.

Well let me tell you that it doesn’t make much difference to you. Even if you are really caring and sensitive person then also it would make a bit of difference for a while then you will prefer to go on with your life.

None of us get that luxury of getting pampered all the time. We are in such a world where no one cares about others. The sooner you learn this the better it will be for you and for the world. But that doesn’t mean that the world is mean, no its not, world is caring and helpful too. But not when you expect it to be. Here we come again to expectations. So don’t expect anything, expectations from others will always hurt you. You should always learn to expect things from your own self. If you yourself cant fulfill your expectations then how can you expect others to fulfill it for you? This thing plays vital part in our life, expectations. Learn to expect from yourself rather than others.


Will see you soon.. Till then be happy and stay blessed!!
Blessed Be 


4 thoughts on “Life and Expectations

  1. Stranger says:

    This isn’t true tht it doesn’t make much difference in others life! it does make difference in very few people’s life bt sometimes they dnt show it! and wanted to be pampered? u urself dnt want to take care of self and expecting others to? gr8 thought!!!


  2. Stranger says:

    and ur making one huge mistake tht is u r seeing world in ur own terms constantly instead of seeing as it really is….! If you keep seeing and judging world and people as per past’s bad experiences u’ll never see light and miss few gr8 people who can make life better by not giving them chance! What you said is reality but still there are few exceptions are there and u can believe that starting from by considering ur ownself!


  3. Stranger says:

    better learn things early coz a stranger like me will not be always around to show you tht world really hasn’t ended yet


  4. parth7667 says:

    This is why they say “Follow your heart. Regardless.” If you think you are unhappy with something, or if you want to change something then you just do it. Rather than thinking a lot about persons you care for, i.e Parents and such. Because in the end, what you should know is they are not affected by your sorrow or the absence of content as much as you are. Life is harsh. But it will be more harsher if you see yourself from someone else’s perspective.


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