Bidding a warm good bye to passing year and welcoming new year with new hopes!!



I wont say the year just passed by and I didn’t came to know!! No it isn’t the case. I felt it, passing, every day, every min, every second…

As I try to review this year, I remember the big announcement I made about me being a Tarot Card reader and making it official!! Yeah big deal, I worked for it for a year and then made it official. So it was kinda huge thing for me. Then again moving forward I remember a few things that would touch my heart and might even manage to make me gloomy. Actually when the year started I was in a huge mess, about lots of things.  Confusion about career, life and a lot more, but I never gave up on myself. May be that’s the only thing that kept me going, endless faith in myself. Somewhere down the line I knew I will make everything all right and things will fall into its place. May be this confidence made everything perfect eventually. In the beginning I was unsure of every single thing except one thing, that things will be fine gradually.

So if I move ahead I can recollect my graduation getting over and the confusion that comes after graduation. What next!!! Marriage was never an option for me but well had a few career options and believe me every option appeared baiting at that time. Still remember that dilemma and the tussle for the admission of my post-graduation course. A few confusions during admissions made my life hell, but well it didn’t broke me either. In-between all this how can I forget my own emotional status, which was really eccentric at that time.  But still never losing the patience was the only key. And guess what, I never lost patience, except a few times!! And finally securing the admission in a huge university was also a big deal!!  Then started the tussle of living alone and fighting every single day for everything, and the realization that what a family is. Well that really pushed me to the edge, and I was about to lose everything. But thanks to a few friends, who managed to keep me sane in those horrible moments too.

Finally that time of year when I started enjoying my solitude and my life. How can I forget that moment when I enjoyed the solitude, when I came to know the difference between being lonely and being alone, a very splendid moment I must add!! And then started the enjoyment phase where I enjoyed the new college, people, environment and the new atmosphere. The fear of unknown was gone and it was replaced by the thrill to do something new.

So this is what I can sum up about my past year, a bit of surprise, a bit of pain, bit of happiness and probably a bit of everything. I started valuing my life a bit more and got a confidence that I am capable of making my own decisions.  Learnt how to take part in my own life and not let others lead it the way they want. A lot of things changed, rather bettered this year!! And well not to forget my first birthday ever that was without my family and yet it was awesome 🙂 So what I can conclude is that patience and endless faith can work a lot of miracles.  Not to add a few good friends can do the same 🙂

So on this note I want to bid this year a warm goodbye and welcome New Year with lot of enthusiasm and hopes, and a promise of learning, living and celebrating each and every moment.

So wish you all a very happy new year 🙂



9 thoughts on “Bidding a warm good bye to passing year and welcoming new year with new hopes!!

  1. Stranger says:

    those few tymes wen u lost patience was quite horrible for others! btw w8s difference between being lonely nd being alone? i’m quite curious to know! so plz do reply!


  2. parth7667 says:

    A very happy new year to you as well. 🙂 Have a lot of things to say, I might as well make a post and express it out. Feeling like that I should. 😀


  3. never losing patience is always key


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