Move on…?!!

Move on...?!!

They said it’s so simple to move on,
I say lets carry on…

They say it’s like an extra baggage,
And I know I’m gonna be damaged…

But sometimes things are beyond that damage,
A few things never have any advantage…

Letting it go might never be an option,
And I don’t want to take that caution…

A few things are better left the way they are,
and it will never become the way it was before…

I wasn’t taught this way,
with a thousand things to say,
I was born with a broken heart..


2 thoughts on “Move on…?!!

  1. Stranger says:

    Its never easy to move on from something that had been very close to our heart but its not impossible! It only depends on whether one wants to move on or not? If you don’t want to then things will never change but if you wan to then start walking, road might be rough and hard but eventually things will change…and I believe everybody should move on,

    Past is certainly good place to “visit” but never good enough to “live”…

    those who don’t move on are just punishing for mistake they never did, one should always give chance to live own self and also to new people are waiting to enter in one’s life….


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