Women’s day special :)

Women's day special :)

First of all I want to wish all the lovely ladies a very Happy Women’s Day. Actually I’m not at all in the condition to write this post at the moment but something inspired me too much to do this. It’s women’s day and I want to share a thing that’s most important for any women, A WEDDING…
Every girl dreams of her wedding day since she come to know the meaning of the word “wedding”. It’s always a special day for her as well as for her family, the most beautiful event in her life that changes her life forever after that… Let me tell you how I use to dream of this day. Even I’m surprised that I’m writing about wedding!! It’s something really surprising for me even.
As a kid I always use to think of me going for a very grand wedding, where everything is just more than perfect. A perfect dress in which I would look like a princess, a perfect ornaments, a perfect pair of shoes, a perfect make-up, hair do and just everything that can make me look most beautiful, and of coarse a perfect Groom.
After growing up, the meaning of “perfect” wedding changed a bit. It’s not all about looking beautiful, it’s also about feeling beautiful. One can only feel beautiful when she is getting the perfect partner. A partner with whom you can share everything and anything. With whom you’re not concerned about how you looking, with whom you don’t have to hide your true self, with whom you can be your true self, with whom you can be really happy. That’s how the wedding becomes “perfect”.
I still dream of such a perfect wedding and perfect partner. And I’m kinda sure that I’ll find it one day. How much so ever I deny today of getting married but it’s something that I can’t run away from. It’s something that not a single girl can run away from. May be for a while it can be ignored but well we all need that “perfect” wedding. A few incidents in life can make you feel that you don’t want it but somewhere down the line the hope still remains there of that perfect partner and of that perfect day.
So my message for today is really simple, there’s no point running away from something that you’re dream of since childhood ladies. Let us not spoil that dream for someone who doesn’t worth it… Shall we?
Finally I want to wish again a Happy Women’s Day to all the lovely ladies out there, it’s a special day and lets feel special 🙂