I’m not a normal girl next door…

I'm not a normal girl next door...

I was born to be different. I am not the kind of girl whom all guys would want to date. Neither do I dress to impress anyone nor do I make any extra efforts to get attention. I dance when I am happy, I laugh when I want to and I cry when I am hurt. I want someone who won’t care that I spend hours and hours reading books rather than gossiping with friends, that I’m incapable of controlling my laughter when I hear silly jokes, that I don’t actually understand the concept of behaving like a lady , that I can’t help but giggle in public whenever I see something funny. I want a man who knows that I am a little immature and I never regret any bad choice I make, coz I learn from those mistakes. I want someone who would actually fall in love with my insanity my innocence and immaturity and the stuff I am made of and not the pretty shoes or dress. Someone who could accept me with my impulsive and erratic behavior and adore my childishness and my idiosyncrasies. I want someone who knows how completely insane I am and he wouldn’t want me any other way. I know I am tough to be around but at least I’m not fake and I don’t put on a mask of what I’m not. I never dress up like other girls coz I believe in uniqueness, coz I believe every person is unique and should respect their uniqueness. I may be unpredictable and imprudent at times, I may not have a perfect lady like attitude but I don’t pretend to be what I’m not. I prefer to be alone rather than being with a wrong person. I’m not in hurry to get married or start my family coz I see myself as an independent being. I have lots of tattoos not coz it looks cool but coz I express my life through the tattoos I have. I may have esoteric tastes coz I don’t believe in following someone or something blindly. I don’t differentiate with their colors or hairstyles, but with their attitude and compassion. I don’t prefer to shed tears silently, instead I get up and move ahead
I’m not a normal girl next door, but I’m proud of my eccentricity and of what I am…


7 thoughts on “I’m not a normal girl next door…

  1. Stranger says:

    Its true you are “you” but you are wrong about one thing! You are kinda girl with whom all guys will fall in love for real…! 🙂


  2. parth7667 says:

    This. This post describes you. Just as I always say, never be shy of your uniqueness. In a world where difference between a sheep and a person is merely physical, only people who can stand up and out can make a difference. Which makes it a trait really invaluable. And the people who can understand this will love you for whatever you are and those are the people who deserve you. 🙂

    Have a nice day ahead.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Stranger says:

    You are like star in sky, when you are up there people will look up you, if you’ll fall they will like you but if you will come down to earth they surely love you….like you did in this post, you got it what i meant I think.. 🙂


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