In the mirror I see…

In the mirror I see...

When I look in the mirror…

I see a woman with secrets, imperfections, beauty and madness.
A woman, who is broken, shattered, tattered and torn but still she wants to carry on.
A woman who’s lost and have no directions, who don’t know where she is going.
A woman with a broken heart and crumpled soul.
A woman who cried in the lonely nights and has endured her pain.
I see a woman who knows her mistakes, her fears and her worst nightmares.
She now knows the people, who’s right and who’s not.
She has been into the ashes but now she’s rising from the same ash.
She is now stronger than ever, because she has seen the worst.
She is nothing but a woman who was defeated by you but now is rising to see you defeated.
She has a demon inside her but knows how to feed it and be with it.
She is cognizant of every step you take and every move you make.
She is now everything but weak, fragile, or breakable.
I now see a woman who is dark, passionate and powerful because of her pain and anguishes.