Evil GADGETS!!!???


Greetings everyone! Well whenever I sit alone I think about this thing so finally I thought to put it here and share it with you all. Few days back I was sitting with a friend of mine; he was talking with me and had his cell phone in his hand all the time, looking at it every few seconds, so naturally I asked him if he was expecting a call or message from someone special. And he was like no, no this is my habit. For a few seconds I didn’t know what to say.
Well this is not just his problem; this is problem of our whole generation. We all are so much into this gadgets and fancy gizmos that we can’t do without it even for a single second. If internet isn’t there our life stops. I find this thing really peculiar. I am also habitual to this stuff but not addicted.
Other one thing that I find odd is our generation is asking for “space” all the time but we can’t live without cell phone, tablets, laptops, etc. for even an hour! Leave alone hour, people can’t do without these stuff for even few minutes. The definition of this “space” is very subjective. We are constantly in need of people but virtually, so much we need them that life becomes impossible without these chats and messengers.
A survey says when people were asked to leave their cell phones and all other gadgets aside they refused to do so. And when forced to do so, some of them agreed to take shock treatments to fill that space. Yes! Shock treatments… this is really very appalling that one is not comfortable in his own company. We are so afraid to face those dumped feelings and emotions that we are ready to face anything but that. No wonder why our generation suffers from depression and other related problems. There are several examples of people becoming violent just because they don’t have their cell phones or wify network. Our increased dependence on gadgets, social networks and the internet has been accompanied by a rise in psychological disorders.

I personally feel that we all need that alone time once in a while, but we refuse to take that. And that leads to tons of problems that we face in our lives. If I have some problem or have some confusion then the best thing for me is to sit alone and think about it. I will definitely find a solution. But most people refuse to do so; instead they ask their “friends” of their opinion and then take a decision. But I personally feel that you are best judge for yourself, you can choose best for yourself. What I exactly want to convey is, gadgets and all these stuff are good but don’t let those things rule you and your life. It has been invented to serve you, not the other way round.


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