How Do You Forgive Someone That Hurt You?

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Single Gal Starting Over

It is one of the most difficult things I try to do. Forgiveness.

I feel like it is a sigh of defeat. I know better. But I feel like it’s waving the white flag.

“You win. I have to be the bigger person and you can walk away without learning anything.”

It feels like I have to be the one to do the growing and the person that did the hurting doesn’t have to do anything.

Hell, he didn’t even have to apologize.

It can be any kind of hurt. It can be someone that hurt me emotionally or physically or unintentionally.

But I forgive because I have to.

I don’t forgive them for the guys’ sake. I don’t care how it makes him feel actually. He doesn’t even have to know I am trying to forgive him. I don’t even want to give the men the satisfaction of knowing that…

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One thought on “How Do You Forgive Someone That Hurt You?

  1. 13mca15 says:

    Sometimes you have to do one thing you don’t want to or most afraid of doing. As much i have seen in the world, when you can’t let go of someone. Only way to get over that person is to let someone else completely. You might get hurt again, and its certainly risk. But its necessary risk. I have known pain both physical and emotional. Meaning of being unforgiven and can’t letting go of someone with whom i spent some special moments. But that pain of can’t able to letting go becomes like poison, which run through your veins and keep hurting your heart until end of time. Making you suffer every single moment, and in the end you are consumed by darkness. Sometimes it still stays there in your dark side. But only one thing might get you out of all these suffering. Letting someone completely in who can heal scars on our soul from past. Other than that i don’t know, but you might end up like i said because i did.


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