Beautifully Broken


Sometimes broken things are also mystifyingly beautiful. Sometimes it’s not about mending the broken toy… Everything has it’s own beauty but we are just so stubborn to let go off what we had or what it used to be that we couldn’t see the beauty in the things we have in front of our eyes.

Broken doesn’t always mean it isn’t working or it needs to be repaired… It may also mean that it has it’s own beauty, it’s own charm. Like darkness has its own charm. Daylight is always good but still night holds its own charm. In the same way a broken thing has its own charm, its own existence that we fail to see if we are busy repairing it.

Not every broken thing needs to be repaired, some has its own beauty.


Chaos and Art


Art is the triumph over chaos…

Chaos when moulded properly takes up a form of something very beautiful and unique. Chaos become piece of an art when given the right direction. Chaos alone invites destruction but when mixed with a touch of madness and dreams it becomes an art. The art which defines me and my being with a hint of madness

Sins Of The Spectators


Just came back from a movie, yeah, a very normal thing, but mostly I get inspired from anything and everything when it comes to writing. When I was going for the movie, frankly I didn’t expect much from it. Thought it would be a drama and bit of show off, but I was wrong!! The movie was really good that it inspired me to write a post on it and share it with everyone.

So this movie Mardaani (a female who is like a male in every way possible) is about a brave cop (lady) who is very loyal to her work, and fights against odd. She has done an excellent job in movie. But what touched my heart was last dialogue of the movie. Which conveys something like this – “we all females have that power in us, a gal or a lady or a teenager, we all are capable of making a difference but we don’t. Not because of any of our limitations but because we don’t care enough.”

Isn’t it a harsh truth? We are safe in our homes so we don’t give a rat’s ass about what is happening to the people outside of our homes. Hell we don’t even care about what is happening outside our air conditioned rooms. And still after reading about rape cases and child sex, we show we are so hurt and moved. And very next moment we are happily doing whatever we were doing before reading or hearing that news!! Still we blame government, males, rapists and almost everyone, except our own selves. We are to be blamed for not doing anything in favor of those gals who are raped, abducted and are still suffering. Because we are safe!!

People are becoming modern; we have almost all the international brands at our doorstep, offering us tons of things, so many malls to offer us items of comfort and luxury. But is it enough for becoming “modern”? or we need to be modern by our thoughts too? Do we believe in gender equality, or do we support a female who is raped? Or a gal child who’s been forcibly made a prostitute? NO, the answer is a big, fat NO!! May be that’s why India is hub for child sex, maybe that’s why a child is abducted every 8 minute in India, maybe that’s why thousands of gals are abducted every year and are sold into other countries. And maybe that’s why females are not safe even in their homes in India.

As soon as I was out of the movie, I asked myself a simple question. I support the gender equality strictly but what am I doing for those females who are suffering? My mind instantly came up with stupid puny things. But it wasn’t enough, it isn’t enough… I know it in my heart that whatever I am doing is nothing, absolutely nothing.  For a while I felt really bad, but feeling bad also doesn’t help.  I need to do something concrete, that makes a difference, and maybe we all need to do something that can make a difference and make this society safer!!