My Superhero :)

Hispanic girl standing on father's toes

First of all I’m really sorry for my absence. Life is changing and I’m really occupied because of this change!! But I will try to spare some more time from now on I promise. So today I’m going to write about a person, a person who’s lovable and adorable but I never acknowledged his efforts, never appreciated the sacrifices he made for me, because everything he does has always been taken for granted!! And the sad part is most of us are doing that, not just me.

So here I am, expressing my love for him, expressing my love for the hero of my life, the superhero actually. Because he set a benchmark for superhero in my life. My superhero was never batman or superman, but this man who taught me the most basic things of life (which is actually tougher task). And he is none other than my DAD. So yes this post is all about him.

He taught me to talk when I was a kid, to walk, to eat and every tiny thing. He came to drop me to the school and left me there even when I was crying! It broke my heart that he left me like that, but after the first day was over he told me he was sitting there all day long. At that time I couldn’t understand the importance of it, I thought if he had to sit out then why he dropped me there in the first place. But now I know why! This was just one thing, there are tons of such things that he has done for me and I never got a chance to appreciate it, but today I am trying to appreciate him a bit.

When I think of my childhood I remember a few incidents, though I remember those incidents in bits but still they are most amazing and funny incidents of my life!!

As far as I can recollect I was a naughty and really stubborn kid and it was tough to make me do anything. Still dad made me do things in his own way. He made a thing clear since childhood that injustice is never tolerable. I remember an incident from my childhood. I use to go out to play in the evening everyday as there were no play stations at that time. Only outdoor games use to be our entertainment tool for evening. So yeah I use to go out daily in evening to play games with neighborhood kids. I was the youngest kid over there plus I use to love playing cricket at that time. No gal use to play that so I use to join guys to play those sports. They use to irritate me saying that I am a gal so should not play the games of “guys”. Instead I should go and play “my kinda” games. I use to get irritated by such comments and complain dad that they say such things. Once it was raining and I went out to play cricket with those guys, they deliberately tried to irritate me so I would not go and play with them. Tried to hurt me a bit with ball and did things to bully me so I would run away. I went home crying and complained dad about what happened! He simply said “I never taught you to bear this injustice, why are you not fighting my gal!!” He told me to go back and beat the shit outta those guys only then he would allow me to come inside home. He made it clear that I can’t enter home like a cry baby. So I went back and beat the shit outta those guys, got hurt badly but I made a point not to ever try to hurt me again!! And I went back home like a hero lol. Dad bought me a huge ice cream then and there, and mom put bandages haha. Next day I got a huge gift for being a fighter. So at tender age dad taught me to fight back for myself. He taught me that there is no difference between gals and guys, even gals can do stuff that guys does. He never saw me as a “gal” child. I’ve always been my dad’s son.

AS I grew up this thing became a problem for me, the difference people make between a gal and guy!! But he stood by me during all those tough times. He stood by me when I least expected.

I will directly jump to the more recent incidents, that is teenage and now!!

Just like every other gal even I had a boyfriend and problems related to that. My dad never liked the guy I was dating so when I broke up I thought dad would be having an attitude like “I told you so”. But I was so wrong, he stood by me during that time, he became my shoulder to cry and my support. It was really one of the worse times, but not even once he got annoyed or irritated by me. Because it was my fault entirely, but at that time I realized it so he just stood there like a pillar to protect me. I never expected it that he would be there!! He surprised me and that made our bonding even stronger.

There are many such incidents when I never expected, neither deserved his support but still he was there. He has always been my hero. There were times when we had our little arguments and difference of opinions but despite all those differences and fights we had I want to say that I LOVE HIM THE MOST. I love him more than I could ever imagine. I never acknowledged the little things he did for me, the sacrifices he made for me, the chances he gave me to grow which I never deserved. But here I am acknowledging it and saying it out loud, THANK YOU DAD for every little and obviously the HUGE things you did for me. For buying me the most beautiful gifts and for making me what I am today. For giving me the courage to become myself in this world where everyone is trying to be everybody else. Thank you for giving me the courage to become unique and for making me that unique personality and helping me appreciate it in other people. Thank you for beating me during math exams lol and when I lied to you. I thank you for every lesson you taught me, for everything you did for me.
I LOVE YOU PA, I’m really lucky to have a person like you in my life!! Without you I cease to exist!!