Fealty of duelist


The thing is we’re complicated creatures.
All of us.
One minute we want everything, and the next we only want selected parts of it…
We want the lies to be the truth and for the truth to be lies…
One minute we want to feel every single emotion, and the very next minute we want to become numb…
We’re ready to get hurt for our loved ones and then we hurt those loved ones beyond repair…
In an instance we see tons of dreams and the very next instance we leave those dreams to fall apart…
One moment we’re the very kind and very humane, and the very next moment that devil lurks inside us…
In some magical moment we’re in love with every single thing possible, and then we want to burn it all into ashes…
We want the ones who hurt us to stay but at the same time we want them as far away from us as possible…
We act like the goodbye didn’t hurt us, but when in fact they near damn killed us!!


Weightless Cages

  1. IMG-20150913-WA0002

His feather touch is deceitful..
His fingertips stroke me like cold bars..
His touch brings back the almost forgotten past..
His voice, sounds so familiar, yet so foreign..
He wraps himself around me and
I hear the door to freedom clanging shut..
N old memories surfacing!!
But it doesn’t drown out the sound of screams,
The moments replayed as my voice echos inside..
His hands run over bruises almost healed..
His eyes piercing the most vulnerable particles of me..
His intense emotions resurfacing the long buried feelings in me..
This is it. This is the moment. I knew.
Cages can be soft and weightless.
And no one will understand why I want to leave..
Feather caged, wings clipped, always afraid….