Weightless Cages

  1. IMG-20150913-WA0002

His feather touch is deceitful..
His fingertips stroke me like cold bars..
His touch brings back the almost forgotten past..
His voice, sounds so familiar, yet so foreign..
He wraps himself around me and
I hear the door to freedom clanging shut..
N old memories surfacing!!
But it doesn’t drown out the sound of screams,
The moments replayed as my voice echos inside..
His hands run over bruises almost healed..
His eyes piercing the most vulnerable particles of me..
His intense emotions resurfacing the long buried feelings in me..
This is it. This is the moment. I knew.
Cages can be soft and weightless.
And no one will understand why I want to leave..
Feather caged, wings clipped, always afraid….


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