I own YOU, exclusively…


I will never be the first of so many things for you..
The first hug, or a stolen first kiss.. I know I’ve missed.
The first time you fell in love, and the way that feeling was above all..
The first time you won a match, and the way your heart had a first scratch..
I came too late, after life and love were woven into the tapestry of your existence.
I care not about the lost firsts, but I’ll fight, knuckles bloody and teeth sharpened, for your lasts..
I dare anyone & everyone to come around the border I’ve cast..
Your present and future belongs to only me, I care least about the past..
Take the old firsts and put them to rest, silent below the dust and ash off all the new ones we will burn through..
Take them, but give me the lasts…IMG-20151120-WA0000