Vehement Wanderer

Traveling has some weirdly soothing effect on me. I always felt that I was born wanderer. Every time when I’m about to start a trip I feel at home. The home never gave me such soothing feeling. 

Every trip comes with some new adventures, new experiences & new discoveries, I would say self discovery. I travel & I know myself better. It liberates my soul, by giving a meaning to my existence. 

Along the unknown roads I discovered unknown parts of me. Parts I never knew existed. In the unknown faces I discovered some weirdly soothing feeling. Every face has a story to tell if you observe it deeply. Each place has it’s own feel, if you can feel that you’ll never stop wandering. 

Wandering always had this unknown charm on me. The word itself triggers so many emotions in me. While wandering the unknown places I came across an obscure person in me. Getting stable in one place was never my thing. I cannot stay at one place for more time. Stability never fascinated me & wandering always seemed intriguing! I never imagined that travelling will have such effect on me. 

Now when I’m just a few hours away from another trip, from another new self discoveries I’m wondering what this trip will bring me. I’m all set to explore a new place & myself. I’m sure the place will not be the only thing I’ll be exploring. 

I feel like writing many things but I’ll do it while travelling. Travelling will make the statements complete in actual sense! 

Adios for now to all the wanderers’ soul!!


5 thoughts on “Vehement Wanderer

  1. 13mca15 says:

    Well this time i will have to agree with you. You stole words from my soul i would say. Anyways have great trip.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Alexis says:

    I read the post mostly because the title caught my attention. Vehement does mean passionate, but perhaps not the passionate you mean. It carries connotations of anger and violence, as opposed to the peace you said you found on your travels. Odd choice of word lol


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