Human without humanity

A naked truth we all know, all of us know that sooner rather than later we are all going to die, we are all going to fall and nothing, not even a single bit of what we make here on earth is going with us! The irony is we don’t even have clothes on once we’re dead and still we commit sins in cold blood, I wonder why! 

We were born naked, we die naked, nothing goes with us anywhere, still we are so attached to all the mundane things. What bewilder me is not the attachment though, it’s pretty much understandable, but it is the amount of attachment we have to these materialistic things. We get so attached to these mundane things that we forget our basic nature, we forget being human! Now isn’t that surprising? Forgetting the true nature for something that’s not going to last, for something which has no importance. Humans are losing humanity, for what? For these mundane things…

We have forgotten that these things we discovered by us, all the materialistic things were discovered by humans, to fulfill our NEEDS! It is very clear, those things were discovered for our needs but we are now misunderstanding it and instead of need it has become greed! We don’t want things in specific amount, we want it in ample amount, be it clothes or shoes or cars or houses or anything! The main purpose of these things was to serve our needs and not our greed. We do obscene things for these materialistic stuff. The most shameful thing is human killing human for money! Forgetting the very nature of being human we are doing things which is totally against our nature, which is actually inhuman.

Everything happens, not because we don’t know anything, but because we are ignoring the truth, because we are ignoring the reality. We see it everyday, the harsh reality, that nothing is going to last and still we choose to ignore it. Inspite of seeing everything, what we do is ignore it; and enjoy the materialistic lives we have created for ourselves, by hurting or betraying or even by killing someone! I wonder if we are still human, because I feel we are far worse than that, degraded to some lowly thing or rather a filth! 

See what you’re choosing to ignore and you might become what you seem, A HUMAN! 


Time is real??!

TIME, something which only human being is scared of! Only humans out of every living being experience this mystifying fear of time running out! 

Strange isn’t it! How we have built our world around something that’s so tangible. Does time really exist? Actually it is clock that exist, time doesn’t! Have you ever thought that time might be some agreed construct! Someone measured the distance, one rotation of the Earth and one orbit of the Sun, and the divided up that distance into some specific segments. To make it easy to remember those segments and distinguish them easily we conveniently named those segments! And then we started measuring our lives through these segments. Gradually, we became so much convenient with the concept that we became slave of that time, the time which might not even exist! Birds doesn’t need clock to wake up, neither does animals. Plants, they don’t need time to bloom and wither. But we humans need time for everything, we are slave of something that’s very palpable, that doesn’t have clear existence. 

We have confused our lives with something that’s so tangible! It’s very queer to see how our lives are revolving around that concept of time, we fear it so much that we stop enjoying our lives, because we are scared that time is running out. Time actually might not even exist, think about it!!

Scary truths! 

People used to be scared of lies back then but now what scares everyone is truth! Their own truth is scariest thing often. In order to slip away from reality they make their own world! 

The way things are proceeding is what scares me, more often than anything else.