Time is real??!

TIME, something which only human being is scared of! Only humans out of every living being experience this mystifying fear of time running out! 

Strange isn’t it! How we have built our world around something that’s so tangible. Does time really exist? Actually it is clock that exist, time doesn’t! Have you ever thought that time might be some agreed construct! Someone measured the distance, one rotation of the Earth and one orbit of the Sun, and the divided up that distance into some specific segments. To make it easy to remember those segments and distinguish them easily we conveniently named those segments! And then we started measuring our lives through these segments. Gradually, we became so much convenient with the concept that we became slave of that time, the time which might not even exist! Birds doesn’t need clock to wake up, neither does animals. Plants, they don’t need time to bloom and wither. But we humans need time for everything, we are slave of something that’s very palpable, that doesn’t have clear existence. 

We have confused our lives with something that’s so tangible! It’s very queer to see how our lives are revolving around that concept of time, we fear it so much that we stop enjoying our lives, because we are scared that time is running out. Time actually might not even exist, think about it!!


One thought on “Time is real??!

  1. 13mca15 says:

    Way to scientific details. And you might be right but time is not only reason we stopped enjoying our lives. It might be least resson to be.


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