Ominous Enigma


Ever had a dream so good, you had trouble waking up, or maybe felt so real that you had trouble differentiating it from reality? What if the reality is nothing but a mere dream? What if death too is some sort of dream? What if life is nothing but coma? 

Do we really exist? Or our existence itself is some sort of dream! What if some day out cries echo from the epochs and we then realize that the whole life we lived, the smiles we smiled, the cries we cried were basically nothing! It actually didn’t existed! Maybe our whole existence is someone else’s dream, and we’re some projections of their dream! 

The whole concept of reality seems faint and the idea we have about it is just our thought! Time, it is a cosmic calamity, and our reality might differ in front of this complex thing called time! For time is different everywhere, it deceives us and make us believe into things that doesn’t exist even! Time might make our existence a faint concept, and our reality might be some lost cause then! So will be our existence! 

Ever thought of all this!? It scares me to think about it…