A beautiful thought it is. Often we think it has no end, the pain you feel, the way it hurts and the way it churns your insides, and makes you feel nauseating. The way it contaminates your existence and makes your survival tough, it feels as if it will never end! But it does, it ends, with time it will all heal, it might take some time but it will surely heal. So hang in there, it will gradually pass.


Forlorn Bit

People keep telling you this cliché things, “you know I’m there for you”, “count on me babe”, “I would walk the earth for you”! Whatever 

But then when you need a ride home after a long day at work, or you want to talk to someone when you are lonely, or someone to talk to at 2am, they are too busy or they are simply not there. No I don’t want you to walk the earth for me. Not unless I am walking along with you.


Some doors were closed, not because it wasn’t meant to be but because it didn’t do any good! She understood that closing what doesn’t serve you is way of life. Things come and go, so does people. You can choose to learn and let it go or to hold on, hold on to something that’s edgy, rough and is going to hurt you, sooner rather than later. So why hold on a sword from its blade and hurt yourself? Hold it right and you will be a warrior darling, and she became one!

It’s annihilated 


The sad truth is that certain types of things cannot go backwards. Once they start going forward, no matter what you do, they can’t go back the way they were. If even one little thing goes awry, then that’s how it will stay forever. 

Because once certain thing is done, there is no way to undo it. Not because no one wants to do it again, but because it’s annihilated!