It’s annihilated 


The sad truth is that certain types of things cannot go backwards. Once they start going forward, no matter what you do, they can’t go back the way they were. If even one little thing goes awry, then that’s how it will stay forever. 

Because once certain thing is done, there is no way to undo it. Not because no one wants to do it again, but because it’s annihilated! 


One thought on “It’s annihilated 

  1. Stranger says:

    May be…But there always another way to make things go back as they were even though they’re annihilated. Only takes someone really willing to get back there. Not saying typical “when there is will, there is way” dialogue. Only saying things happens, but if you loose faith and belief from that thing then there isn’t way back. Or there if you still believe in it there is way.. always will be. Its only matter of person’s faith in it.

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