Colour Palette Of Emotions 

Life is always colourful, emotions take on different colours. Colours say a lot about about you! People bleed emotions and colours help them. When you are happy, you will put on a bright yellow, or an orange or maybe green. When gloomy, you’ll naturally go for darker shades, a blue which is almost black, or maybe grey which defines your wounds are fresh. 

Too much pain have different language, depression have different expression, a bipolar rambler will choose black, pitch black. A schizophrenic will choose strokes of dark colours in black, which eventually makes it chaotic. 

“But all the colours will agree in dark”, she said. Because she knew dark the best. 


4 thoughts on “Colour Palette Of Emotions 

  1. Stranger says:

    May be cause she doesn’t know light yet..

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  2. Eugenia says:

    All color is beautiful including black. Black can be worn and enhance anything. Black can be shiny and comforting if you think about it in a positive way. You need dark to appreciate light.

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