Inherent Sentiment 

If I’m to ask you a question that what might be the most natural feeling for you what would come to your mind? 

Happiness. Oh being happy is the most natural thing. I felt that all my life, but let me tell you, it isn’t that natural. When everything is just picture perfect, good friends, loving spouse, good job, and still you feel something stinging inside. It’s definitely not what happiness feels like.

Love. Yes, I felt that too! But do you feel loved when you’re falling apart? No I guess, you’re falling apart because love is the only thing you’re not feeling. 

Peace maybe? Being peaceful is tough nut to crack. After working for whole day long, maybe you’re peaceful, but then you feel that lump in your throat, when you see you’re not appreciated for what you’re doing! Is that peace? No. 

All this is just one thing. It’s pain.


Yes Pain comes off most naturally I guess. It’s most adaptable feeling isn’t it? 

A friend just got braces (for teeth obviously), I asked how’s the Pain. She said I got used to with it, for a while I thought she got used to with her braces but no, she got used to with the Pain those braces give. 

Do you remember that time when you were sitting on the floor weeping? That Pain. It’s still there, but now you’re used to with that Pain. So it’s easy to deal with! 

That moment when you lose your loved one forever! That feeling, like you cannot imagine your life without them. But then gradually you adapt that Pain! So get used to with those silent tears during darker nights. You get used to with that Pain. 

It’s strange how we believe all our lives that peace, happiness, love comes naturally, and we are adaptable to it! But no, we are adaptable to Pain the most. Maybe survival instinct it is, like a friend said! But it’s in our nature, to bear Pain and get used to with it! 

Still we feel ashamed to show we’re in Pain. Maybe that’s why we say it’s not natural, because we are ashamed of it maybe! 

Well let me tell you, it’s most natural thing you can feel, and it’s really okay to be in Pain. Don’t hide it, don’t go into that shell, just bleed. 

Bleed publicly. 

Because you are not alone in it. Everybody is more or less broken and in pain. So just hang in there, it’ll be alright. No it won’t go away, it’s not a fairytale! But you will get used to with that PAIN…


11 thoughts on “Inherent Sentiment 

  1. Stranger says:

    So moral of story is to get used to pain and never let it go or move on? True it won’t be like it never happened. But getting used to it and never try to let it go. Seems bit of down side of doing it. I have felt all this, and most of time of life with pain. Still intend to as well but there are moments in life with certain person or place it just fades away. Only for while cause pain is there waiting after moment is passed. Its not thing we should get used to. If we will stop let other feelings come to us.


  2. Esther says:

    I don’t agree with you saying we should bleed publicly. I think it should be said that it should be by choice, where you choose to bleed. Bleed alright. You’re human. Sometimes we need to let those emotions out. Unless I did not understand what you were trying to say, I think we should be able to decide where we shed it all out.
    That said, this post is beautifully written. And yes. The pain. It’s easy to get accustomed to it. I liked it!

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    • Thank you for reading it. I appreciate your opinion but what I mean was, mostly we hide it, that we’re in pain. People are kinda ashamed or scared to show that they’re in pain. So that needs to be avoided. 🙂

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      • Esther says:

        That’s because the society interprets showing pain as weakness, which should not be. But either way, I understand what you’re saying more so now that you’ve clarified.


      • Esther says:

        That’s because the society interprets showing pain as weakness, which should not be. But either way, I understand what you’re saying, more so now that you’ve clarified.


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