Sitting in an unknown place, I heard a gal asking someone what must be the most powerful three words?! I started thinking about it too and I heard the guy say it’s ‘I love you’! And I wondered if it was true… they were still debating but my mind started weaving a different scenario all together.

I was wondering if ‘I Love You’ are the most powerful three words… my mind wasn’t agreeing, then I thought it might be ‘I trust you’.

I Trust You more than anybody else! People say this and still hurt the ones they trust the most. So those are definitely not the most powerful three words.

I Hate you. Can that be powerful? Yes hatred being the most powerful emotion those words can be powerful. But even after hating someone gravely, you forgive them.

I Forgive You. Oh forgiveness can be really powerful. But even after forgiving someone for the things they have done to you, you cannot forget it. Those things keep haunting you. You let those things define what you are!

I Need You. Need is everything, a person in need always stretch their limits and achieve unimaginable things. But even after needing that person the most, do you go to them? No. So these words might be powerful but not most powerful.

I Believe You. Believing works wonders. True. But even after believing in you why people don’t have faith in you? Still they choose to doubt you.

So even after saying a few powerful words like love, trust, faith, forgiveness, belief… people might not choose to do what they have agreed upon in past. Even after saying I love you, people leave you. After saying I trust you, they doesn’t choose to trust you in that critical moment. Even after forgiving they might not choose to forget it.

So CHOOSING matters.

So love is not enough, neither trust is! They’ll have to Choose to love you or trust you or forgive you.

They will have to Choose to trust you in that critical moment.

On the worst possible day when you are stuck with flowing nose, fever and sneezing profusely, and your loved one have to be somewhere else, they’ll have to Choose you over everything and everybody else.

They’ll have to choose to love you in your most vulnerable moment.

They’ll have to Choose to be by your side when you’re not worthy of love at all, when you’re screaming and pushing them out, they’ll have you to Choose to be there for you.

Despite your flaws, shortcomings, your sharp edges that hurts the most, the person will have to Choose you.

Not just today but even in future, the person will have to Choose to have faith in you, to trust you, to forgive you and most of all, that person has to choose to love you for the whole life!


Choice is everything. Love, faith, belief, forgiveness… nothing matters.

Choosing to do all these things, it matters.

So Choice is a strongest word!

And when someone Choose you over all this, than it’s most powerful bonding!


Human without humanity

A naked truth we all know, all of us know that sooner rather than later we are all going to die, we are all going to fall and nothing, not even a single bit of what we make here on earth is going with us! The irony is we don’t even have clothes on once we’re dead and still we commit sins in cold blood, I wonder why! 

We were born naked, we die naked, nothing goes with us anywhere, still we are so attached to all the mundane things. What bewilder me is not the attachment though, it’s pretty much understandable, but it is the amount of attachment we have to these materialistic things. We get so attached to these mundane things that we forget our basic nature, we forget being human! Now isn’t that surprising? Forgetting the true nature for something that’s not going to last, for something which has no importance. Humans are losing humanity, for what? For these mundane things…

We have forgotten that these things we discovered by us, all the materialistic things were discovered by humans, to fulfill our NEEDS! It is very clear, those things were discovered for our needs but we are now misunderstanding it and instead of need it has become greed! We don’t want things in specific amount, we want it in ample amount, be it clothes or shoes or cars or houses or anything! The main purpose of these things was to serve our needs and not our greed. We do obscene things for these materialistic stuff. The most shameful thing is human killing human for money! Forgetting the very nature of being human we are doing things which is totally against our nature, which is actually inhuman.

Everything happens, not because we don’t know anything, but because we are ignoring the truth, because we are ignoring the reality. We see it everyday, the harsh reality, that nothing is going to last and still we choose to ignore it. Inspite of seeing everything, what we do is ignore it; and enjoy the materialistic lives we have created for ourselves, by hurting or betraying or even by killing someone! I wonder if we are still human, because I feel we are far worse than that, degraded to some lowly thing or rather a filth! 

See what you’re choosing to ignore and you might become what you seem, A HUMAN!