Just Don’t!



How many emotions are nibbled by this Backspace I wonder!

From a simple Sorry to most enormous declarations, all of this couldn’t make it to its rightful destination because of BackSpace. And how I wish this backspace was just a virtual issue…!

We suppress too many emotions and we end up using “backspace” in our lives as well, isn’t it? We suppress is it with utmost pride, as if it is something worth doing as if its a way of life. These days it is probably in trend to be emotionless, to be insensitive, to be careless, oh the actual word is “carefree”. Being a sensitive person has become an issue because everyone is busy hiding their emotions. But is it a right way to deal with the things in your head!? We often end up hiding a lot of things, which we need to let out…

For an example, Be it a simple “I miss you”,

Be it a simple “I miss you”, you type that a thousand times, and then Backspace! Poof… It’s gone, from the text it surely is gone but is it gone from your mind?

A simple “sorry” after a huge fight is yet another task for everyone. as if accepting your mistake is a wrong thing, or maybe just saying sorry to end the fight is an absolute NO! But then that “sorry” will be stuck somewhere in-between the relation, and it will surely trouble you in the most unexpected moments.

I am sure all of us have those vulnerable moments in life where you are in the state to say a thousand things, you type those things, and then suddenly it occurs you might be portrayed as an emotional or sensitive person. And then Backspace! When it comes to shooting down hurtful things, there is no Backspace, but it is used extensively in the wrong places. I wonder what would go wrong if you instead just hit the “Send” for a change? Just be vulnerable, be as you are…

Sometimes when I see people I wonder what is wrong with Human Race! We are called “Human” for a reason, the reason is that we are capable of “feeling” a lot of things. We are trying to eradicate the very essence of being human!



Forgotten Extremity!

Why have you forgotten?

Each day you pass, life gets shorten!


Then why you hold on to those grudges?

Life is running with every passing pulses!


Why you letting that pain define you?

Why you letting that hurt confine you?

While beautiful moments of life are very few!


Why hold on to that which has passed?

And then when life will end you’ll be aghast!


Do not let the past hold you!

Do not let the past mould you!

Do not let the past confine you!



Have you forgotten?

Each day you pass, life gets shorten!

A year passed…

A year passed and…
We didn’t utter a word to each other!
We didn’t talk! I didn’t share those laughters and lot of silent tears, neither did you!
We were unknown, unknown of all those wonderful and painful moments!
We were not aware about each other’s lives, not even a bit.
We ignored those memories – when we shared the same room, and spend the whole time together!
We didn’t wear each other’s clothes lol 😄
A year passed by and we are still the same! Sisters, besties, bitches, roomies and friends for life.
I regret not seeing you but I know a year of silence cannot affect our bond even a single bit.
Something that’s purely dedicated to you and you only! Though you’re going to leave soon but do remember I’m just a call away… I’ll miss all those fun and crazy moments but it will all happen again I’m sure 😊

Torments of a wanderer.


She doesn’t belong to anyone.. She’s a tornado, a mess to be precise.She has always been a mess, a devastatingly beautiful mess that no one could ever understand. Her ways were esoteric, something that was not accepted by society.

She dreamt about stuff that was tough to imagine, she dreamt of some another world. Because she belonged to some another world maybe.

She was not just some gal, her ways, her dreams, but most of all her soul made her what she became. Her soul was never at peace, it was always on fire, burning like some mad thing and with that fire she burnt bright. What made her bright was not her beauty, but the fire that kept burning inside her. She always used to say that something’s burning inside her, it never let her rest, sometimes it made hard for her to even breath.

Her relations were always at stake, not because she doesn’t feel anything but because she felt too much. She never understood any relations, not even the most basic ones. For her things were not always just black and white, most of the things for her was in grey shade. She had darkness inside her, too much of it. The darkness tormented her, made her devastatingly beautiful in some esoteric ways that nobody can fathom. For her monsters and demons were not something that wriggled under her bed, they never clattered in her closet, they didn’t  scratched at windows or captured her feet in the night.. They were always too busy screaming underneath her skin, and that was exactly how she want it to be!! Her demons were wrapped so beautifully in her skin!! She made her blisters look beautiful in some of the most obscure ways.

She was a wanderer, she never settled down, her soul never did actually!! She couldn’t settle for anything or anyone. She craved for things that she didn’t understand.. The things she craved, those very things broke her, it tormented her. She had a furor of passion, that very passion killed her gradually. She was scared how her heart longed for things that plagued her very being.

She’s a women that belonged to nothingness, but still they tried to tame that wild being!!

Serrated Bruises


I swear, the ones who need love the most, have hardest time letting it in. I’ve always admired the ones who met their match early in life, then walk forever, hand in hand. Loved each other for the rest of their lives!! Growing old together…
That’s not her story. She still recoiled, if you came too close to her heart, and had learned the difference between “love”…. And being “in love”.
She still feel her stomach churn with pain thinking of being in love and her wounds come afresh…
When you give yourself to another, to no avail, you learn to become someone else’s entirely. And the woman she became was not for the faint of heart. She loves without any boundaries or limitations. For her, love is something, which needs no thinking, no limitations, nothing…
The things she once thought true proved to be wrong, so how long can she believe in you? Those shattered pieces of dreams, the pieces that are making her bleed now. How long can she hold on to that?
When you go as far as she’s gone, anything less than that feels like nothing at all. When you feel what she has felt and then get hurt, you go numb.
She loved with all her heart and she’s been shattered into pieces for loving so much.
She was made for midnights, and believe me you won’t need much sleep when you’re with her. She has magic in her veins, some untamed wildness in her eyes. She’ll make you believe in your dreams.
And as you’ll learn to love each of her pieces, you’ll start making sense of yourself.

I’m not a normal girl next door…

I'm not a normal girl next door...

I was born to be different. I am not the kind of girl whom all guys would want to date. Neither do I dress to impress anyone nor do I make any extra efforts to get attention. I dance when I am happy, I laugh when I want to and I cry when I am hurt. I want someone who won’t care that I spend hours and hours reading books rather than gossiping with friends, that I’m incapable of controlling my laughter when I hear silly jokes, that I don’t actually understand the concept of behaving like a lady , that I can’t help but giggle in public whenever I see something funny. I want a man who knows that I am a little immature and I never regret any bad choice I make, coz I learn from those mistakes. I want someone who would actually fall in love with my insanity my innocence and immaturity and the stuff I am made of and not the pretty shoes or dress. Someone who could accept me with my impulsive and erratic behavior and adore my childishness and my idiosyncrasies. I want someone who knows how completely insane I am and he wouldn’t want me any other way. I know I am tough to be around but at least I’m not fake and I don’t put on a mask of what I’m not. I never dress up like other girls coz I believe in uniqueness, coz I believe every person is unique and should respect their uniqueness. I may be unpredictable and imprudent at times, I may not have a perfect lady like attitude but I don’t pretend to be what I’m not. I prefer to be alone rather than being with a wrong person. I’m not in hurry to get married or start my family coz I see myself as an independent being. I have lots of tattoos not coz it looks cool but coz I express my life through the tattoos I have. I may have esoteric tastes coz I don’t believe in following someone or something blindly. I don’t differentiate with their colors or hairstyles, but with their attitude and compassion. I don’t prefer to shed tears silently, instead I get up and move ahead
I’m not a normal girl next door, but I’m proud of my eccentricity and of what I am…