A year passed…

A year passed and…
We didn’t utter a word to each other!
We didn’t talk! I didn’t share those laughters and lot of silent tears, neither did you!
We were unknown, unknown of all those wonderful and painful moments!
We were not aware about each other’s lives, not even a bit.
We ignored those memories – when we shared the same room, and spend the whole time together!
We didn’t wear each other’s clothes lol 😄
A year passed by and we are still the same! Sisters, besties, bitches, roomies and friends for life.
I regret not seeing you but I know a year of silence cannot affect our bond even a single bit.
Something that’s purely dedicated to you and you only! Though you’re going to leave soon but do remember I’m just a call away… I’ll miss all those fun and crazy moments but it will all happen again I’m sure 😊



Just another cigarette she lit and wiped

those memories from her mind

and thought to herself that maybe

love is just a rumor that

God started long ago

and the stars just sit back

brightly and laugh at how

silly humans are.



Oh these tiny droplets of rain,

Are bringing those long forgotten memories again.

And now why is it so hard to stay sane!!

There sat an adolescent girl in rain,

Unaware of what is about to begin…

With vivid dreams that she wants to attain,

Which she will never refrain.

But time, time has its own way to explain,

The dreams she once adored she’ll only disdain.

And there she goes insane,

Nothing left to complain.

She finds herself directionless again.

And now there’s nothing to attain.

Now she’s learnt to endure the pain,

And now she is a free rein.

Though the dreams are bit changed,

But now there’s no way she’ll refrain.

Oh these tiny droplets of rain,

Are bringing those long forgotten memories again.

And now she’s learnt to stay sane!!