Unrequited Affection


That’s not her…
She doesn’t leave something in order to hold something else.
She can’t run away from something so she can catch up on something else.
She cant put something down to pick something up.
She can’t let go off something so she can make room for something new.
She is not someone who would undo what’s done.
She can’t unlove someone to love someone else.
They pile in her heart like stack of cards… One on top of the other, untill she can’t tell them apart.
Old loves are bottomless – deeply carved and full of darkness. In which she often loses herself…
If you’ve ever known her love, it still exists there.
And it always will.
She loses a bit of herself when her love is lost, be it a best friend or life partner or a brother. She can never be the same once that bit is gone.
It is her gift, her curse..
Her ache and her fuel..


Serrated Bruises


I swear, the ones who need love the most, have hardest time letting it in. I’ve always admired the ones who met their match early in life, then walk forever, hand in hand. Loved each other for the rest of their lives!! Growing old together…
That’s not her story. She still recoiled, if you came too close to her heart, and had learned the difference between “love”…. And being “in love”.
She still feel her stomach churn with pain thinking of being in love and her wounds come afresh…
When you give yourself to another, to no avail, you learn to become someone else’s entirely. And the woman she became was not for the faint of heart. She loves without any boundaries or limitations. For her, love is something, which needs no thinking, no limitations, nothing…
The things she once thought true proved to be wrong, so how long can she believe in you? Those shattered pieces of dreams, the pieces that are making her bleed now. How long can she hold on to that?
When you go as far as she’s gone, anything less than that feels like nothing at all. When you feel what she has felt and then get hurt, you go numb.
She loved with all her heart and she’s been shattered into pieces for loving so much.
She was made for midnights, and believe me you won’t need much sleep when you’re with her. She has magic in her veins, some untamed wildness in her eyes. She’ll make you believe in your dreams.
And as you’ll learn to love each of her pieces, you’ll start making sense of yourself.